Wants Page
If you have anything on this page or any other Manta Force item that does not appear to be on my site Please let me know, even if you do not want to sell them I would like the information and the pictures for the site.

Manta Force Code Kit

I recently noticed on the back of a Manta Force magazine that in the day you could send off 3 barcodes and £1.50 to get a Manta Force Code Kit, If anyone has one of these I would be interested in buying or failing that pictures and info for the site. Click on the title to goto the news page to see the image.

Light Beam

Rumoured to have come out in 1991 the last ship in the range supposed t be commanded by Commander Green Star, a fellow fan told me about this although I had never heard anything about it before that, If anyone else has any information on thsi toy please contact me.

Any Houseware

Big Mouth Flasks
Lunchbox inc Flask
Carry Flask
Sandwich Boxes


There were a few magazines produced and shipped with the toys, I have the Karnock one but would like to buy or get scans of the others. If you have or come across them please get in touch.

Please goto the next page where you will find images of some ships that I need in the range.