The Manta Force Crew

The Command Crew Is As Follows

  • Commander Bill Quest - Supreme Commander of the Manta Force and the Manta Hawks
  • Commander Buck Finn - Commander of the Manta Sharks
  • Commander Nigel Hunt - Commander of the Manta Wolves
There are a few other crew members listed in the books that i have. I have listed them below.
  • Dave - Driver of the fork truck in the loading bay
  • Geoff - Loader working in the loading bay
  • Ship's Cook - Sargeant Riccotti
  • Master At Arms - Sargaent Sweeny
  • Lieutenant Kaye - Sickbay
  • Corporal Scot Ramsey - Manta Wolf, Driving the Strike Bike
  • Private "Chuby" Rake - Manta Wolf, Driving the Gundog
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