Red Venom

This ship was actually created by the World Goverment to help Manta Force colonize New Earth. but on its test run it was hijacked by the Viper Squad. They have now used it to attack the Manta Force ship, so they can be the ones to colonize new earth.

On the other planets in the solar system there are colonies on Mars, Jupiter and Venus, and also Saturn but the people living there are tired of living in the plastic bubbles and because of this they have started to develop space fever, led by a man calling himself Major Vex. They think they have the right to New Earth. A team of these extremists have stowed away on a Earth bound freighter, to try and sabotage the Manta Force project. They call themselves the Viper Squad (The Manta intellegence calls them the Vippies) They are skilled trained soldiers intent on having Manta Force for themselves.

Please see below for pictures of the ship.

Main Red Venom Ship
Red Venom Red Venom Red Venom Red Venom
Red Venom Trojan Troop Carrier
Red Venom Red Venom Red Venom
Left Skipod | Right Molepod
Left Skypod | Right Aquapod
The Hoverfly

Front Sleds

Red Venom Red Venom Red Venom Red Venom