Zero Hour

Bluebird also made a range of toys called Zero Hour which were about the same scale of Manta Force but they were like army toys, Thanks to Major Vex from the Forum I now have information for this page as well as images for you to look at.

Welcome to what we have so far in the zero hour range, If you have ANYTHING relating to zero hour, even just names of troops, tanks, leaflets, inserts, boxes, figures, vehicles, playsets etc please please please let us know as we are trying to gather data and information on this toy line before it is is long lost and forgotton for good (if it is alas not already too late!). The information cant be found ANYWHERE, it is only available from YOU the children of the 80s! Even if you have no intention of selling items you may have, please let us know and, you never know, we may be able to provide you with valuable answers to your zero hour questions in return. Eitherway, please contact the site owner Graham or Major Vex (Via the forum) with ANY infomation no matter how great or small! Please choose below and click to see more images.

Zero Hour Bad Guys
Zero Hour Good Guys
  Zero Hour Bad Guys Zero Hour Good Guys