History Of Bluebird

Bluebird Plc. Was the maker of Manta Force in the 80's the toys were popular at the time, but for some reason the company was having trouble. They were bought out by Mattel who wanted the rights to Polly Pocket. Once they had the company Manta Force was forgotten. (A crime I hear you say, I know I feel your pain!)

There were many things created in the range that i knew nothing about when i was younger, since i started collecting i have found, Jigsaws, Bags Comics. and i even found some home made movies made by a fan.

Unfortunately i have tried to contact Mattel to see if i could get a list of all of the products that were made but they do not seem to want to answer me.
So i am confined to searching Ebay everyday to look for new things.

The Books were created y a company called Seven Towns, but i have contacted them and they remember the line but nothing about it, they dont have the interest to search the records for a dead line of books.
I have also recently got some of the Eagle comics from Ebay, I will be putting some of the stories and pics on the site soon.

Click on the following link and you will be taken to the site that shows wher the company used to be and what their description was. Business.com

Click on the following link and you will be taken to the site that gave the decision on the court case employees had against Bluebird Plc.Desision To Do With Pensions Act

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